Hydrogen HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine 220V 1500 L/H Gas With Touch Screen

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zeayeto
Certification: CE FCC
Model Number: HO-1500
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Wooden Packaging
Delivery Time: 15 Workdays
Payment Terms: T/T L/C Paypal
Supply Ability: 400 Sets per month
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Detail Information
Product Name: HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine Warranty: 1 Year
Gas Production: 1500 L/H(adjustable) Usage: Engine Carbon Cleaning
Gross Weight: 123KG Dimension - L*w*h (mm): 630*675*1270MM
High Light:

hho carbon cleaner


car decarbonization machine

Product Description

Hydrogen Carbon Clean 220V HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine With Touch Screen


HHO Introduction:

The model HO-1500 is called HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine, which clean the engine carbon through burning the hydrogen with the gasoline / diesel in the engine so as to melt the carbon. This model is suitable for both gasoline and diesel cars like the cars, SUV, small sized trucks. For the gasoline cars, it needs about 30 minutes to do carbon cleaning. And for the diesel cars like trucks, it needs 40 to 60 minutes to clean the carbon. Before doing carbon cleaning, the user should select the engine capacity on the screen according to the different car and then set the cleaning time. This machine can help improve the engine performance and also save the repairing cost.


Main Parameter:

Model HO-1500
Working Medium Electrolytes
Working Temperature -5°C~50°C
Water Consumption 0.7L/h
Rated Power 4.5KW
Input Voltage AC 110~380V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Gas Output 1500±10%
Cleaning Time 30 mins
Material AL
Net Weight 98KG
Gross Weight 123KG
Size 600*600*1100mm
Package Wooden carton
Packing Dimension 630*675*1270mm


HHO Working Principle:

1. The water will be electrolyzed into Hydrogen and Oxygen in the electrolytic tank of the machine

2. Filter the steam mixed in the hydrogen and oxygen in the machine

3. Convey the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen into the engine, and then burning with the gasoline.

4. During the combustion, there will cause high temperature inside the engine parts so that the carbon deposits will be melted.

5. The melted carbon deposits will become gases and water discharges through the exhaust pipe.


Feature & Advantages:

1. It Only needs 20 minutes to clean engine carbon.

2. Obvious effects after cleaning the carbon, and satisfied customers 100%.

3. One machine can serve for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

4. A wide scope for vehicles: cars, SUV, Business cars, buses, trucks, etc.

5. It can clean engine parts like intake, injector, DPF, spark plug, etc.

6. Improve cars' performance, increase 20% engine power and decrease 72% pollution.

7. Guarantee 100% safety for using the machine.(Automotive negative pressure alarm device)

8. There do no harm to engines.

9. After cleaning carbon, oil consumption, 70% of air pollution and engine noised can be reduced, and 20% of engine power improved.

10. HD touch screen can make carbon cleaning more convenient.


Working Mode Description:

1. Negative pressure mode: It is used for the car engine that has the the intake manifold, which can connect the gas outlet pipeline directly. Under this mode, while cleaning the carbon the machine can identify whether the engine is still running, or else it will stop working and alarm.

2. Vibration Mode: If there is no intake manifold like some diesel vehicles, the machine needs the vibration sensor to judge the status of engine working.

The two working modes are all on the purpose of judging the engine running, which keeps the danger away.


Core Safety Devices:

1. Anti-backfire system: Industry Multiple function Dry Anti Backfire System

2. Over Pressure Protection: Pressure Sensor And Pressure Transmitter

3. Electrolyte level Protection: High And Low Level Sensor

4. Over High Temperature Protection: Temperature Sensor


Operation Guidance:

1. Turn on the power;

2. Select the car displacement and operating mode. There are three operating modes to choose as the following:

(1) Negative pressure mode;

(2) vibration mode(usually for trucks and buses);

(3) manual mode;

Suggest to select (1) or (2) mode for safe.

3. Insert the gas outlet pipe of the machine into the car engine intake manifold (air filter or brake vacuum tube).

4. Start the vehicle and keep idling.(Danger Notice:Ban stepping the gas during carbon removing!)

5. Setting the time of cleaning carbon(up to types of vehicles, usually 20 min),then click the start button on the control panel.

6. When hearing the buzzing sound, the machine finished engine carbon cleaning.

7. Turn off the power of the machine, then turn off the vehicle, pull out the gas outlet pipe in the end.

8. Restore the car line.

9. Start the car, step on the throttle at a constant speed until the speed is at 3000-3500 rpm and then release it,and do it again after 3 seconds. This was repeated 6 times. Until the moisture and dirt in the exhaust pipe are discharged, the carbon removal is finished.


Service For Distributor:

1. Offer a professional website.

2. Make advertisement through social medial especially advertisement focus on your local city or country.

3. Provide free advertising material, including brochures, posters , poster display, even video design.

4. provide technical and marketing training or supports for maintenance freely, ensure that all issues and complaints can be handled within 48 hours.

5. Provide OEM service for free.

Hydrogen HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine 220V 1500 L/H Gas With Touch Screen

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