Internal Engine Decarbonizing Machine For Combustion Chamber Convenient

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zeayeto
Certification: CE FCC
Model Number: TD-501
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Wooden Packaging
Delivery Time: 15 Workdays
Payment Terms: T/T L/C Paypal
Supply Ability: 400 Sets per month
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Detail Information
Product Name: Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine CE: Approved
Working Medium: Cleaning Agent ODM: Available
Type: Car Care Product Gross Weight: 50kg
High Light:

engine decarbonization products


engine decarbonization kit

Product Description

Internal Engine Cleaner Engine Decarbonizing Machine For Combustion Chamber


Compared to other carbon cleaner:

1. Needs to connect the engine pipelines for dripping the cleaning agent.

2. It can clean five engine parts like combustion chamber, three way catalytic converter, intake and so on.

3. Cleaning catalytic converter has two methods, water based and oil based cleaning agent.

4. More cleaner than other machine for the special cleaning agent with chemicals.

5. It is no need to dismantle the whole engine but some parts need to be take down.


Working principle:

TD-501 is a machine should use the special cleaning agent adjusting to the engine part, which means that it works as a medium between the cleaning agent and the engine. 95% of cleaning agent will be sent into the engine part through the special pipeline of engine carbon cleaning machine, and then burn with the carbon deposit in the engine. Finally they will be consumed and become the gases exhaust from the pipe. Therefore, when finishing the carbon cleaning, the user should step on the gas to let the dirt outlet. So we can see the exhaust become white or black while step on the gas or some carbon deposit.



Model Number TD-501
Product Name Engine carbon cleaning machine
Voltage DC 12V
Rated Power 150W
Working Pressure 0-1.6 Mpa
Weight 38kg
Size 43*40*100cm
Package Dimension 47*41*110cm
Ambient temperature range -5°C~50°C
Endoscope Pixel 1.3 millions
Package Wooden case
Working medium Chemical cleaning agent
Application Gasoline car engines
Usage Car engine carbon clean
Color Red/Green
Type Other car care product


The cleaning methods of Aqueous ternary:

1. Check the engine and ternary catalytic converters for malfunction;

2. Drive the car to a sloping place or top the front for better discharge of water during construction;

3. Remove the pre-oxygen sensor and unplug all the other oxygen sensors (if there are 2 or 4 oxygen sensors, remove the whole plugs)

4. Add the ternary catalytic cleaning agent and water to the washing machine according to the prescribed ratio (1 bottle of cleaning agent to 10 L water). The dirty one can be increased the concentration properly.

5. Connect the nozzle to the oxygen sensor, start the engine, keep running at the idle speed. Then turn on the power switch of the equipment, inject the cleaning liquid into the car and soak for 5 minutes.

6. Then the ternary catalytic reductant and water are added to the cleaning machine according to the prescribed ratio (1 bottle of cleaning agent to 10 L water), the power switch of the equipment is turned on and the cleaning liquid is injected into the car.

7. Step on the throttle and drain the fluid out of the exhaust pipe until the exhaust pipe runs out of water.

8. Restore the line, shut off the engine, and the cleaning is over.

9. Notice:

a. Prevent water from pouring back. Some models of oxygen sensors or three-way catalytic converters are at the same level with the engine, or higher than the engine, please do not use this method of cleaning, recommended other cleaning methods.

b. Old cars are not recommended for cleaning. Because the car is too old, many parts are aging and can be damaged at touch, such as oxygen sensors and ternary catalytic converters. Ternary catalytic converters close to the failure period or are not recommended cleaning, we must be clear to car owners in advance of the risk.

c. The turbocharged car can not speed up when cleaning, can only idle, after cleaning, the water has been drained almost can slowly increase the throttle, let the water continue to drain out, but can not accelerate quickly.

d. Make sure the exhaust pipe is completely drained.

e. All operation should wear acid-proof gloves, do not let the skin and cleaning liquid contact. Immediately rinse or consult a doctor with plenty of water as soon as the eye or skin gradually enters.

Internal Engine Decarbonizing Machine For Combustion Chamber Convenient

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