4.5KW Car Engine Cleaning Machine , Automotive Carbon Cleaner 1 Year Warranty

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zeayeto
Certification: CE FCC
Model Number: HO-1500
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Wooden Packaging
Delivery Time: 15 Workdays
Payment Terms: T/T L/C Paypal
Supply Ability: 400 Sets per month
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Detail Information
Product Name: Car Carbon Cleaning Machine Weight: 120kg
Type: Other Warranty: 1year
Usage: Car Engine Clean Input Voltage: 220/380V
High Light:

car engine carbon cleaning machine


carbon cleaning equipment

Product Description

13 Safety Device Car Carbon Cleaning Machine For Different Types Of Cars


Product Specification:

1. Model: HO-1500

2. Working Medium: Deionized water+electrolyte

3. Working Temperature: -5°C~50°C

4. Water Consumption: 0.7L/h

5. Rated Power: 4.5KW

6. Input Voltage: AC 110~380V

7. Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

8. Gas Output: 1500±10%

9. Time: 20min

10. Material: AL

11. Net Weight: 120KG

12. Gross Weight: 160KG

13. Size:600*600*1100mm

14. Package: Wooden carton

15. Packing Dimension: 600*650*1250mm


Product Introduction:

The product HO-1500 car carbon cleaning machine can generate the mixture gas of Hydrogen and Oxygen which is also called Browns Gas. This special gas was first invented by a professor named Yull Brown in Australia. And in 1990 he came to China for introducing his discovery and the technical person researched and developed the first Oxy-Hydrogen generator. After many years passed, this generator has been used in engine carbon cleaning, which is more safe and environment friendly than the other engine carbon cleaning machine before.


Working Principle:

The hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water are extracted by electrolysis to form a hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas stream, which is input into the engine combustion chamber via the engine intake manifold. After the Brown gas fills the engine combustion chamber, the ignition is ignited and the hydrogen-oxygen catalytic principle is applied (at the high-temperature combustion process). It can produce active atoms such as O, H and OH, on the one hand, it can promote the high temperature cracking of medium and long hydrocarbon chains in gasoline, and accelerate the oxidation reaction.) The principle of oxyfuel combustion (wax and colloid in gasoline are not pure) The material is also composed of a long hydrocarbon chain or an ultra-long hydrocarbon chain. Active atoms such as O, H and OH can also accelerate its cracking, and finally remove carbon deposits. The Brown gas characteristics such as the principle of water and hydrogen circulation are comprehensive for engine carbon deposition. Completely remove and restore the power of the car, and will not cause any damage to the engine, avoiding the shortage of traditional chemical decarburizer



Time saving It Only needs 20 minutes to clean engine carbon.
Effective Obvious effects after cleaning the carbon, and satisfied customers 100%.
Wide usage One machine can serve for both petrol and diesel vehicles.A wide scope for vehicles: cars, SUV, Business cars, buses, trucks, etc.
Multifunctional It can clean engine parts like intake, injector, DPF, spark plug, etc.
Useful Improve cars' performance,after cleaning carbon, oil consumption, 70% of air pollution and engine noised can be reduced, and 20% of engine power improved.
Safe Guarantee 100% safety for using the machine.(Automotive negative pressure alarm device)


What is HHO carbon cleaning machine?

HO-1500 engine carbon cleaning machine is a car care product which mainly maintain the vehicle engines. As the long time driving, the car engine performance will be worst and worst for the carbon deposit increased in the engine system. This machine can help solve the problem and make good car performance like before.


Product Operation Steps:

  • Turn on the power and select the car displacement and operating mode.
  • Insert the gas outlet pipe of the machine into the car engine intake manifold (air filter or brake vacuum tube).
  • Start the vehicle and keep idling
  • Setting the time of cleaning carbon(up to types of vehicles, usually 20 min),then click the start button on the control panel.
  • When hearing the buzzing sound, the machine finished engine carbon cleaning.
  • Turn off the power of the machine, then turn off the vehicle, pull out the gas outlet pipe in the end.
  • Restore the car line.
  • Start the car, step on the throttle at a constant speed until the speed is at 3000-3500 rpm and then release it,and do it again after 3 seconds. This was repeated 6 times. Until the moisture and dirt in the exhaust pipe are discharged, the carbon removal is finished.

4.5KW Car Engine Cleaning Machine , Automotive Carbon Cleaner 1 Year Warranty

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